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Why Listen to Dr. Steve Small, Dr. Steven Schwartz and Our Sponsors?
They know how frequency and vibration can heal you quickly...

Dr. Steve Small

- Learn how to reverse disease with microcurrent resonant frequencies, electroceuticals, and leading edge technology to heal the body, mind and soul.

Dr. Steve Small is known as the Doctors to the stars. He's been in practice for over 40 years in functional and preventive medicine and in the last 25 years in quantum energetic medicine. He's also the Dean of the International Medical University of Natural Education North America.

Dr. Steven Schwartz

- Learn how to treat allergies, autoimmune diseases and emotional imbalances, and understand how to reverse aging and degeneration using sound, light and frequency

Dr. Steven Schwartz , Founder of Bioharmonic Technologies, a vibrational sound therapy technology and therapeutic music company that uses sound, light frequency and vibration, is a visionary technology designer, sound alchemist and regenerative medicine expert. 

He's been specializing in the advanced treatment of chronic illness, allergies, autoimmune diseases and emotional imbalances using exclusively energy and vibrational healing techniques and technologies. 

He's also the author of Primal Resonance, Discover the Secrets to Health, Vitality and Optimal Human Performance - How to reverse aging and degeneration using, sound, light and frequency as well as explores the “New Epidemic in America” Chronic Systemic Inflammation.
Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
What You'll Get
This Event Will Stimulate Your Mind and Soul...
 Leading Edge Science-Based Information and Education - Learn from brilliant luminaries how to improve your physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being for the best results possible.
 Experience the Benefits of Clarity - The latest mind-hacks to support your critical thinking and decision making so you can create in a state of flow. Understand the inner working of your brilliant brain. 
 Massive Traction in Your Business and Life - Blow through the blocks that keep you stuck from building the business you want. Focused on the inner game to crack the limits holding you back.
 Learn the Tips and Tricks to Look and Feel at Your Optimum Levels - Know exactly what your next steps are to amplify your energy 10x. People will experience a whole new you!
 Change Your Brain to be a Magnet for Money - Money will show up with ease and grace due to an energetic reset and a clear path with great business systems. Business will become fun again!
Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
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Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
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Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
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Steven E. Schmitt
Steven E. Schmitt has worked with world-renowned authors, top doctors, CEOs of major companies, top fiction and non-fiction authors and owners of top franchises.

He loves helping business owners who have a powerful message, learn how to get it out to the world.  Steven E. And his team has made over 1000 bestsellers world wide and teaches authors how to create cash flow with their own book. He teaches a book is a business.  

Steven E. has sold over 2 million books worldwide. Dr. Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins have been in his 'Wake Up - Live the Life you Love' book series.  

His latest book is 'Wake Up - Happy Brain' is with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Patrick Porter, Dr. Paul Drouin, Founder of Quantum University and Founder of Earthing, Clint Ober.  
Brad Axelrad
For over a decade, Brad’s been an event producer, consultant, strategist and podcast host, having produced almost 200 live events with top business leaders and best-selling authors.

As a consultant and speaker, he utilizes his message to support coaches, visionary entrepreneurs, and consultants by creating a business that sets them free to live a fulfilling life.

He’s a proud founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders Southern California since 2010 and is a Co-Founder of The Association of Transformational Leaders Costa Rica.

On his Face Your Dragon Podcast he interviews celebrity thought leaders and icons including don Miguel Ruiz, Arielle Ford, JP Sears and The Kin, musicians seen on Conan O’Brien and who opened up for Coldplay and Pink.
Grateful For Having Faced My Dragon and Attracted Major Media Outlets
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